Storage Berlin

Storage Berlin - All kind of storage space and storage units, safe and secure, with low storage costs. Container yards for safe deposit and low detention

Maybe you are moving to Berlin soon? You are already living in Berlin, but you are still looking for a suitable flat in Berlin and you need a place to store your personal things, so you need a storage in Berlin. We have all kind of storage space and storage units in all sizes.Storage Berlin

Our storehouse is safe and secure, with low storage costs. Rent a storeroom or storage unit as long as you want, in that time of storing we do not increase the costs of storage. As soon as you want to take out of storage, ask for an truck transport, we work together with a removal firm and we ensure safeness and low costs. You come with your things in a container? We have container yards for safe deposit and low detention.

A few warehousing terms translated in case you want to storage in Berlin:

storage space, storeroom, warehouse space  -  Lagerraum
storage unit  -  Lagereinheit, Lagerbox
storage  -  Einlagerung
to rent  -  mieten
to move in, to store, to storage, to put into storage  -  einlagern
to move out, to take out of storage  -  auslagern
warehouse, storehouse  -  Lagerhaus, Lagerhalle
cost of storage, storage costs  -  Lagerkosten  
increase  -  Preis erhöhen
time of storing  -  Lagerzeit, Lagerungszeit
warehouse volume  -  Lagervolumen
container depot  -  Container-Lager
container yard  -  Containerstellfläche, Containerstellplatz
detention  -  Stellflächengebühr, Stellplatz Preis
removal  -  Umzug
move  -  umziehen
removal firm  -  Möbelspedition, Umzugsfirma
truck transport  -  Lkw-Transport



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